Long Island, Bahamas

About Long Island…

Long Island was described by Christopher Columbus on his 1492 voyage as the “Most enchanting island in the world”.

It’s around 80 miles long but no more than 4 miles wide giving it its distinctive shape and coastlines.

At a little over 90 minutes from Fort Lauderdale and Florida or just 40 from the capital Nassau, Long Island is far more easily accessible than many other islands in the archipelago.

It’s said that here on Long Island there’s a beach for every day of the year. Just don’t go thinking that lazing on a beach is your only option; with a range of activities from sailing, kayaking, diving, fishing (both bonefish and deep sea) tennis, cycling and all manner of bars and restaurants to visit you’ll never be at a loss for something to do.

This virtually crime free island is one of the friendliest you could imagine.

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